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Registration Request
Use this form to register for Virtual Nursing Careers Camp.  The program is conducted at OPAHEC Corvallis Virtual Site  and is scheduled to begin 4/16/2021 If you have questions about the program you can direct them to the instructor at  pgutierrez@samhealth.org.  Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
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Can you answer yes to any of the following? 
  - You are (or will be) the first generation in your family to attend college.
  - While growing up, you or your family ever used federal or state assistance programs (such as: free or reduced
    school lunch, subsidized housing, food stamps, Medicaid etc.).
  - While growing up, you lived where there were few medical providers at a convenient distance.
  - One or more adult household members is unemployed or furloughed.
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