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Phase 1
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Phase One:
  - A fully functional prototype was developed based on a few meetings with Don Skinner, Chris Guastaferro, and Diane Halbert.
  - Development cost was $4500.
  - Demo of prototype was given at April 10, 2012 meeting of AHEC Executive Directors at OHSU.
Feature Highlights:
  Project Architecture: The front end is written in Microsoft ASP.net, using C# code behind and a SQL Server backend. The domain name supports the future scaling of the application to additional states.
  Admin Forms: Admins can insert and update data for application users, instruction sites, instructors, students, funding sources, programs, program events, event funding and program event registration.
  History: A complete historical record of all updates made to the data, including who made the updates and the date and time they were made. All administrative forms have this feature.
  Undelete: Admins may resurrect a deleted record easily on all administrative forms.
  Gridview Reports: Allows for viewing of records in the database in a table format. Clicking column headers will sort the records instantly and allows for the search of application data.
  Export to Excel: Allows users to download gridview reports to Excel. From Excel users have unlimited ways to format, sort and filter data, for reporting purposes.
  User Management: Admins can add and remove site users and grant security permissions to grant or limit access to site content.
  Instructors: Admins can add and remove instructors and maintain instructor contact information here.
  Students: Admins can enter demographic information about a student including gender, age group, ethnicity, county of residence, school where they are enrolled, email address and phone number.
  Site Information: Allows admins to manage general information about the sites where program events are scheduled including contact information for the site.
  Funding Sources: Allows admins to define organizations that contribute funds or in-kind resources for AHEC programs.
  Program Definition: Definition of AHEC programs offered in Oregon. A program definition includes title, category and description of a program.
  Program Event: Allows admins to schedule an instance of a program. A program event tracks when an event starts and ends as well as the site where it will be held, instructor, contact type, contact hours and participation counts.
  Event Funding: Allows admins to define which funding sources are funding a program event and the amount which is being funded.
  Student Roster: Instructors have the option to register and unregister students for program events to create student rosters.
  Change Requests: A built-in “request” feature allows users to report defects and define enhancement requests. Users can define a title, status, priority, rank and description of the request. The developer will investigate and implement change requests as much as practical by the priority of the request and update the request, listing the actions taken.

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