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- Susan Brock circulated a new HRSA Reporting Template for aggregate reporting at the end of Dec 2013. To accomodate the new reporting requirements, several new fields were added to the search utility's event focus: evt_program_type, evt_grade_level, evt_county, evt_city, evt_hisp_yes, evt_hisp_no, evt_race_black, evt_race_indian, evt_race_asian, evt_race_islander, evt_race_white, evt_race_multi, evt_race_nr, evt_rural.
- The student's zip code is being used to determine the student's rural/urban designation based on data from OHSU's Oregon Office of Rural Health. See link. This designation is displayed to the right of the zip code field on the student form.
- The new HRSA Reporting Template requires content and partner information. These are manifested in a series of yes/no questions. The stakeholders will consider if these items should be consolidated in two new multi-select fields on the program event form (prg_evt_content and prg_evt_partners). In addition, each field's set of values will be reviewed and adopted by the stakeholders at the Jan 15 meeting.

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