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Phase 3
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Phase Three
  - The feedback from the Jan 18, 2013 demo was implemented.
  - Pilot testing is complete.
  - Student data has been imported from previous program events.
  - Development cost was $9000.
New Feature Highlights:
  Student Survey: The project now supports the concept of a periodic student survey to track student progress. Thank you to Northeast Oregon AHEC Executive Director Brenna Dunlap for assisting me in determining the necessary requirements.
  Work Focus: The new work focus was implemented to support the periodic student survey. Here one can track student work from considering a career all the way to being employed in the career.
  Attendance Feature: Instructors can define the dates of contact days and mark student attendance for those days. This required considerable effort (25 hours) but should prove very useful.
  Education Focus: The education focus was reworked to support the periodic student survey.
  My Info: Users now have a location where they can manage their personal profile. For now it is limited to first name, last name, email address, and password management.
  Search: The search utility now supports eight different focuses.
  Data Import: Several optimizations were implemented for the CSV Import feature including duplicate prevention and LU value validation.
  Student Focus: Thank you to Oregon Pacific AHEC office admin Judith Self for providing feedback on the layout of the student form. Form fields were rearranged. A Next Date was added for scheduling the next student followup survery.
  Mouse Over Text: Mouse over text was added to all buttons on the admin forms.
  User Help: A user help feature has been implemented. However, it lacks much content at this time.
  Regional Admins: Project admins can now be specified by the AHEC region they represent. AHEC region fields have been added to most forms to facilitate the partitioning of data.
  Page Level Security: Individual form access, based on security group, can now be easily configured in one location.

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